🚇Welcome to the Pettoverse

Petto is a Web3 gaming platform with fun and exciting experiences, where creators and players immerse in fun-filled adventures with their virtual companions, Pettos, and get a fair share of co-creatin

Players are evolved in the interaction with cute and funny game characters that they are excited to feed, grow and take on adventures. Interactive, easy, and user-friendly gameplay ensures engaging players' journeys.

The entire platform and approach are designed in a way that the community or any other creator can add new items, assets and characters, which will lead to vast options to create and have a fair incentive to do so.

The Players can evolve the Pettoverse by designing levels, adding items, creating new adventures, or running events. People and amazing Petto animals inhabit the Pettoverse. Pettos are unique creatures that constantly want to interact and be taken care of. The players can get a Petto, have fun by playing adventure games, and share with their friends.

Some of the Petto characters are directly linked to the number of remaining animals in the wildlife. By owning a Petto, playing the game, collecting and trading Pettos, players actively support each of them. We will donate 15% to selected animal organizations and actively involve the Petto community in the decision-making!

We are committed to animal protection

By playing and transacting within the Pettoverse, the players contribute to protecting endangered animals and environmental action. Will will direct 15% of all revenue generated by the game to the conservation and support of endangered animals. All transactions will be publicly visible and traced from the players down to the actual animal support organization. For more information, see here.

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