๐Ÿช™Alpha Petto Shells

APES - Alpha Petto Shell Overview

  • Alpha Petto Shell (APES) are an ERC 20 utility token of the Pettoverse. Holders will participate in the decision-making of the future of Petto: supporting game evolution and deciding on the allocation of a community treasury.

  • APES is a reward mechanism to encourage platform usage, playersโ€™ activities, content creation, or other ecosystem-specific functions. Petto drives platform incentives with its native token, rewarding players for their efforts and loyalty.

  • APES can be earned by owning a Petto, playing games in the Pettoverse, or delivering value-adding activities to benefit Petto and the entire community.

  • APES holders will receive rewards, access to exclusive benefits in the metaverse.

  • Petto is built on Polygon with the goal of creating its own chain with a marketplace and own wallet.

  • By playing and transacting within the Pettoverse, the players are supporting endangered animals. We will donate 15% of all revenue generated by the game to the wildlife

Team Tokens - Tokens, given to project employees.

Advisor Tokens - Tokens given to advisers of PETTO.

Company Tokens Funds - locked up over a 3-year period, like the rest of the company tokens.

Ecosystem Fund - funds used to grow the PETTO ecosystem.

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